The main goal of our Biomedical Research Lab is to understand how scientific processes are responsible for producing the interactions and measurements we observe. We use a combination of approaches and technologies that we have developed for use in our studies. Learn more about our research and areas of study below.Future Goals: In the future, the services provided by this project will not be limited to the category of amputees, but one of the main objectives will be the manufacture of auxiliary limbs and compensatory devices for patients with quadriplegic paralysis, which helps them to walk andmove, and also helps them with physical therapy and performance of tasks and functions. By means of brain signals to reintegrate and qualify them to be useful individuals within the community. It is worth mentioning that an artificial prosthesis was used when the lower extremities of the limb, such as the leg or foot, were exposed to human limbs. Rat brain and turn it into a movement through which the patient can perform normal functions and special needs "projects exist, but in Egypt"


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Bionic leg

Bionic leg is a prosthetic limb is working on the translation of brain signals and converted to a movement through which the patient can perform his normal tasks and special needs Assisting the rehabilitation of people with special needs. Increase their self-confidence, and remove obstacles and difficulties that prevent their integration into society.To compensate a person for the loss of one of his limbs and for performing the functions of that party. It has the same movement as the original party movement. Light weight. Provide essential materials for their manufacture. It can be maintained continuously and has spare parts available. Not subject to damage and lasting for a long timeBecause of the wars that the world has undergone and the large number of injured people who need organs to help integrate them into society, there has been an urgent need to design and implement these devices.The RHPSN project aims to design local integrated industrial terminal systems. Relatively cheap prices compete in other quality.This project is one of the projects of community and human service. This project will provide services to a special group of the community that needs special care and continuous attention . They are "people with special needs".The project will not only involve the category of amputees and war victims, but will also extend its services to all those who are missing and injured due to various accidents, and provide services to the paralyzed category by designing products that satisfy all the needs of these different groups.